Maximize Performance: Snowmobile Belt Tips

Follow these tips to maximize performance and extend the life of your belt. Spend more time on the trails and less time in the shop!

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 This year, winter has wielded its snowy wrath early. That’s great news for snowmobile enthusiasts!


Carlisle’s Ultimax line of belts for snowmobiles, ATVs and UTVs are designed to deliver performance and dependability. Did you know the belt on a snowmobile is an integral part of the drive system and can dramatically affect how the sled performs and feels? Proper installation of the belt will help accomplish the best transfer of horsepower from the engine to the ground.

We’ve composed a list of belt installation and maintenance tips to maximum performance and extend the life of your belt. Spend more time on the trails and less time in the shop!

Featured tips have been highlighted below. Download the entire list, print and keep it with your gear.

“Select the proper belt.”

A belt that is too long or too short robs the drive system of efficiency. A short belt causes damaging stress on the drive system. A belt that is too long won’t allow the clutches to work as they should.

“Store your belt properly when not in use.”

If you are not planning to use your belt right away or if you’re putting your sled in storage, be sure to store your belt properly. Keep it in a cool, dry environment. Don’t crimp the belt or turn it inside out.

“Be aware of belt noise.”

Belt noise is usually a sign of improper belt installation. If you have a constant squeal, the tension may be too tight. You can fix this by lowering the belt in the secondary. If you have a chirping noise your belt may be too loose. Raising the belt in the secondary should remedy this problem.

“Warm up before riding.”

Allow the sled’s engine to warm up so the belt gets warm before riding. Also, don’t try to move your sled if you think the track may be frozen to the ground. Break the sled free or run it on a stand before riding.

“Seat new belt to clutch faces.”

Every new belt needs to be seated to the clutch faces. To accomplish this, Carlisle recommends that you run your sled for the first 30 miles at half throttle or less. This will allow the belt to conform to the angle of the sheaves, producing more surface contact thus enabling the belt to transfer the most horsepower at the highest efficiency.


More…download the entire list of tips.