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1926 Cog Belt

Drive Engineer® is a web based application for desktop and mobile use. It puts drive design and analysis in the palm of your hand, providing extensive results and comprehensive data for use on v-belt or synchronous drives. Belt, pulley and drive output details and specifications can be filtered, changed, saved and shared with the touch of a finger.

Open Drive Engineer™

It’s like having a Timken belt engineer always at your side! All the experience and expertise of Timken’s award winning belt engineering team is readily available in this handy tool. Whether you need on-the-spot troubleshooting or comprehensive drive design, Drive Engineer™ delivers robust results:

  • Complete belt details with part numbers and list prices
  • Complete pulley specifications with part numbers and list prices
  • Complete drive output details
  • Full list of recommended drives
  • Easy to save and share results
  • Desktop & Mobile-Friendly – available for Apple® iOS and Android™ devices

Recent updates include a new metric version for global users. Drive Engineer defaults to the imperial version in the USA and Canada. The metric version is activated based on country selected upon registration or in the user profile. Be sure to register at:

NOTE: Drive Engineer is a free web application and is not available from the App store.

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