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Super Ag-Drive Belt

Avoid downtime with premium Super Ag-Drive® belts for agricultural applications. Timken Belts offers a comprehensive line of belts for harvesting machines engineered for performance and reliability to meet or exceed original equipment specifications.

As the leader in variable speed (adjustable speed) belt technology, Super Ag-Drive belts are designed from the ground up for ever increasing performance requirements. Belts feature aramid cord and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) which is durable and resistant to oil, heat, hardening and glazing. EPDM has a broad operating temperature range of -50°F to +250°F.


Designed and built to rigid specifications

Engineered and manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 facilities

High performance advanced polymer compounds for long belt life

Strong and stable aramid cord for superior resistance to shock loads

Oil and heat resistant

Long-term durability and performance

Extensive lab and rigorous field testing under extreme conditions




Combines, Augers, Headers, Slashers, Pickers, Mowers, Cotton Gins

Rotor drive, cylinder drive, feederhouse drive, straw-chopper drive, clean grain elevator drive, feed accelerator drive, front end accessory drive, spreader drive, rotary screen drive, shoe drive, pump drive, elevator drive, cleaning system drive, tailing rethresher drive


HA, HB, HC, HD, H3V, H5V. H8V, HAA, HBB, HCC, RHA, RHB, RHC, R5V, R8V, J, K, L, M, HI, HJ, HK, HL, HM, HN, HO, HQ

Types of Super Ag-Drive Belts

Classical V-Belts

Narrow (Wedge) V-Belts

Double Angle (Hexagonal) V-Belts

Joined (Banded) Belts

V-Ribbed Belts

Adjustable (Variable) Speed Belts

Synchronous (Timing) Belts

Super Ag-Drive EPDM Variable Speed Belt

Part Number Interchange

  • Type in the OEM part number and click “Search” to find the correct Super Ag-Drive part number.
  • Some OEM part numbers begin with 0. Be sure to include any zeros in the part number.
  • Enter the part number without any special characters. Do not include periods, slashes, dashes, underscores, stars or spaces.
  • Some Super Ag-Drive part numbers end in -x where x means the number of single belts needed for the drive, i.e. AX75-2 means the drive requires 2 AX75 belts.


Multiple Part Number Search

  • Type or paste in all OEM part numbers in the box below, one part number per line, then click “Process” to match all part numbers with their correct Super Ag-Drive part number.
  • The result will detail how many part numbers were processed and how many were matched and provide a download link to the CSV file for the report.
  • Blank fields in data file indicate no interchange found, please contact customer service.