Search 30 Timken Catalogs in Your Hand

Check out the catalog app from Timken.

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Need to see specifications for Timken products? Grab your smartphone and click here.

Check out the catalog app from Timken. Find out more about its features and how to add the app to your phone by watching the video at A pdf file of the Carlisle Belts by Timken catalog is included in the app.

No longer worry about having the most up-to-date version of a printed catalog. Now, the information is literally at your fingertips. All catalogs are available in the PDF format and many have online interactive features.


“Our distributors and customers expect to be able to find basic product information quickly, and the ease of use offered by mobile devices makes them an obvious platform for providing access to our catalogs. This ‘Timken catalogs’ app provides an efficient, direct link to searchable data we’ve historically provided in our printed catalogs and online at,” said Mike Connors, vice president, global marketing.

The Timken catalog app can be downloaded from the Timken catalog website – not from an app store. It’s different from other apps because it uses cloud-based technology that takes absolutely ZERO space on your device.